Rats! As pets?

Rats! As pets?

In April of 2005 the first ratty came into our home. Technically she belonged to my daughter, but honestly, Rosie Pie stole all of our hearts and forever changed our family.

These furry friends have added a lot of color and excitement to our lives. Their silly antics and highly individual personalities have kept us entertained for more than twelve years.

It is my hope that visitors to Ratty Tales will see the joy and value of having rats as pets. Rats are intelligent, tolerant, sociable and very adaptable.  They can be trained to do tricks, though our family has never made any real effort with this. We have found so much enjoyment just experiencing each of their personalities that we haven’t felt the need to see them perform feats that we choose for them. They are really great at coming up with crazy stuff to do on their own.

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